Data Submission Resources

Below are submission resources you can download to your local computer.

XML File Layout  XML File Layout - The XML File Layout provides details about every data element included in the header record, patient administrative record, and patient response record.
XML Schema File  XML Schema File (XSD) - The XML Schema File shows the details of all validation that will be applied to each data element at the time the file is submitted.
Example XML File  Example XML File - Here is a link to the Example XML File.

Data Submission Tips

Here are some tips and suggestions for Survey Vendors uploading XML files to the Data Coordinating Center.

  1. When you create the XML data file, include your vendor name, Practice Site number and the data collection survey period as part of the file name, as shown in the following example. This will make it easy for you to keep the files organized, especially when you have multiple practices with which you have contracted.

  2. An example of a XML file name: VENDOR_PracticeID123456_2021.xml

  3. If you are submitting multiple XML files, you will need to put those in a single ZIP file and upload the one file.

  4. If you have individual XML files that have large file sizes, we recommend that you ZIP those files. This will decrease the total upload time.

  5. Only XML files should be included in a ZIP file. Do NOT put one ZIP file inside another ZIP file (nested ZIP files).

  6. Do not include comments in your XML data files. XML files containing comments may not validate correctly. It is also important to keep the size of the files as small as possible because this will make the upload and validation process faster.

  7. If you need to upload a "corrected" file to fix an error in previously submitted data, be sure to upload the entire file, not just the data elements that were corrected.