Increase Patient Participation in the PCF PEC Survey
folder_openOther Announcementscalendar_todayPosted March 29, 2024

By using the resources provided below and taking a few important steps, practices can increase patients' awareness of the PCF PEC Survey and subsequently increase participation. 

Display PEC Survey Poster 
Practices are asked to display at least one PCF PEC Survey poster in a highly visible area of their practice beginning March 1. The poster lists important PEC Survey information in 12 languages and has space to include the practice’s survey vendor’s contact information. Small and large versions of the poster are available on PCF Connect. (The small version can also be used as a handout.) Please note, no changes were made to the poster from last year. 

Print and Distribute PEC Survey FAQs 
Also starting March 1, practices should print and distribute the updated PY 2024 PEC Survey FAQs, available in both English and Spanish on PCF Connect. Space is available to include the practice’s survey vendor’s contact information. 

Answer Patient Questions and Express Support for the PEC Survey 
Practice staff should be aware of the PEC Survey so they can confidently reassure patients the survey is legitimate and confidential. Refer to this resource for important guidelines about communicating with patients about the survey. 

The poster and FAQs are also available on the PEC Survey website at the links below: 

Vendors should share their Help Desk telephone number and email address with their practice clients as soon as they are operational. Please also communicate to your client practices the importance of these resources and how they can help increase response rates and patient representation.