PCF PEC Survey Patient Roster Materials Updated for 2022
folder_openSurvey Materialscalendar_todayPosted April 26, 2022

Practices will be asked to submit patient rosters for PY22 on the PCF Portal, beginning June 1st. They will receive the following materials to assist them in the preparation of their rosters: 

  • Patient Survey Roster Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions. 
  • Patient Survey Roster Template. 
  • Patient Survey Roster Example. 
  • On-demand webinar, “Patient Rosters: How to Support a Successful PEC Survey for Your Practice.” 

Practices will first receive these materials in the May 5th PCF First Edition newsletter; they will receive multiple reminders before the submission deadline of June 30th.  

CMS and the PCF PEC Survey Team listened to vendor and practice feedback regarding patient rosters in PY21 and made significant updates to the materials for PY22. The sample file that vendors receive in September contains the same contact information that practices provided. Our hope is that the enhanced practice materials for PY22 helps support practices in providing high quality roster information.  

Some of the key updates to the materials for PY22 include: 

  • Highlighting the importance of accurate roster information and how it directly ties to patient response rates. 
  • Updating the visit date window to January 1, 2022. 
  • Providing specific HCPCS billing codes for inclusion on the roster. 
  • Specifying that patients who only visited the practice for COVID-19 vaccine or testing clinics should not be included on the roster. 
  • Expanding on the proper use of the Do Not Contact label. 
  • Providing an FAQ for patients with HIPAA concerns. 

Practices should not submit their patient roster to their PEC survey vendor, and vendors should direct practices with any questions about patient rosters to PCF Support at or 1-888-517-7753. 

Vendors with questions should contact the PCF PECS Team via e-mail at or call 1-833-997-2715.