Reminder: 2022 PCF PEC Survey Updated Quality Assurance Plan Materials Due June 24
folder_openQuality Assurance Plancalendar_todayPosted June 10, 2022

Returning PCF PEC Survey vendors with active practice clients for 2022 must submit an updated Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) with completed templates of all mail and telephone survey materials by Friday, June 24, 2022, by 7:59 PM ET.

For this submission, only materials that were updated for PY 2022 need to be submitted. Materials that did not change from PY 2021 data collection to PY 2022 need not be submitted for review. Therefore, the following mail and telephone survey materials must be submitted.

  • One dummy patient in 1 practice should appear on all mail templates except for outgoing (windowed) envelopes. Templates for the following materials must be supplied:
    • Teaser postcard
    • Questionnaire Mailout #1 including first survey cover letter and English mail questionnaire
    • Thank you/Reminder postcard
    • Spanish mail questionnaire
    • If a vendor made any changes to the outgoing envelope for mailings 1 or 2, outgoing envelope for residential care patients or return mail envelope for PY22, copies of the updated items must also be submitted.
  • Screenshots of the entire questionnaire from the CATI interview (both English and Spanish). The full question wording and answer categories must be visible.
  • Any additional items not previously submitted with an earlier QAP submission. Example items could include:
    • Final disposition codes
    • CATI no answer rules
    • Final helpdesk voicemail and email auto-reply text

Please refer to section E of the Model Quality Assurance Plan for more details on the mail template and telephone survey material requirements. If vendors make changes to other portions of their QAP during the mail template and telephone survey material submission, those changes should be highlighted using comments in addition to track changes.

Vendors must log-in to the PCF PECS website to submit QAPs using the "Submit Quality Assurance Plan" page under the "Vendors" tab. Instructions on submitting a revised QAP are available here. If submitting your materials via the website is not possible, vendors may submit the survey materials via if all documents are zipped.

If further clarification is needed, the PECS Team will work with the survey vendors to obtain the necessary information. Vendors with questions should contact the PCF PECS Team via e-mail at or call 1-833-997-2715.