PCF PECS Final Data Submission Due January 18th
folder_openData Submissioncalendar_todayPosted December 21, 2021

Reminder- PCF PEC Survey data collection is closing today. Please begin your internal data quality assurance protocols for the final data submission. The data submission deadline for submitting the final data file to the PCF PECS website is January 18th, 2022. Please see this quick link for instructions on uploading the final data file. Data submission resources are available on the PCF PECS website. Note the important points provided below. 

  • Survey vendors should submit their data files as soon as possible to allow adequate time to re-submit data, if needed. The data submission site will open December 22nd. Vendors may submit files as many times as needed as long as the final file submission is successfully uploaded by the deadline. 
  • It is recommended that vendors use the XML Schema Validation tool available on the Data Submission tab of the website. This online tool will allow survey vendors to "pretest" their XML files to determine if they will pass many of the validation steps, before actually uploading the file to the Data Submission Tool.
  • It is recommended that files include the name of the vendor in the file name. Example: RTI_ZZ9900_2021.xml.
  • Survey vendors can select either a single XML file or a single ZIP file that contains 1 XML file each from multiple practice sites. Do not include more than 1,500 XML files in a single zip file.
  • Vendors should review their Vendor Authorization Report to make sure that all client facilities have authorized their organization to submit data on their behalf. 
  • Each time a data file for a vendor is submitted, it overwrites any previously submitted data for that same vendor. 
  • Vendors must submit an XML data file for all practices and include each sample member even if sample members have not completed the PEC Survey. Please use the disposition 250 (No Response After Maximum Attempts) for those cases where the patient could not be reached during the data collection period. Vendors must not use code 270 (pending) for the final data submission. 
  • After each file upload, vendors will receive an email confirmation. 
  • All submitted files will go through validation checks. After the validation check is conducted, vendors will receive a second e-mail confirmation message. This message will notify the vendor whether the file has been accepted or rejected. The confirmation e-mail message will contain a hyperlink to a Data Submission Report, which shows details of the validation check and any file errors that were identified. 
  • Survey vendors can access the Data Submission Reports on the project website by selecting "History" through the "Data Submission Reports" link in the Data Submission menu. 

CMS will not accept any data files for the final submission received after 7:59 PM Eastern Time on January 18th. 

For additional information about data file preparation and data submission processes, please review Chapter 7 of the PCF PECS Quality Assurance Guidelines available under the Survey Materials tab on the PCF PECS website. The full data collection schedule is also on the PECS website. Vendors should contact the PCF PECS Team via e-mail at or call 1-833-997-2715 if they have any questions or trouble submitting data files.